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October | 2023

Detangling the Threads: Energy Cord Attachments and Soul Ties

Detaching and Healing: Managing Energy Cords and Unraveling Soul Bonds

By: Spirits Magick

Have you ever felt a deep connection to someone that seems unbreakable? Or perhaps you've experienced the weight of a past relationship lingering in your thoughts and emotions? These connections, often referred to as energy cord attachments and soul ties, are more common than you might think.

When we talk about energy cord attachments and soul ties, we're entering the realm of profound interconnectedness, not just with others but with the universe itself. These bonds are spiritual threads that tie us to people, places or things we've shared significant emotional experiences with, whether they are positive or negative.

To truly understand the significance of energy cords and soul ties, we need to peel back the layers of our spiritual and emotional connections. When it comes to toxic relationships, these attachments can become intricately woven into our beings, affecting us on multiple levels.


Understanding Energy Cord Attachments

Energy cord attachments are like invisible threads that connect you to another person, place or thing. These cords can form through various interactions, from friendships to romantic relationships. They're not always negative; some cords can be positive and nurturing, while others may be draining.

Think of a phone charger cord. When you plug it into your device, energy flows, and your device gets charged. The same goes for energy cords between people, places or things. These cords can transmit emotions, thoughts, and even physical sensations. When it's a healthy connection, it can be a beautiful exchange of energy, but when it's unhealthy, it can be draining.

The Mystery of Soul Ties

Soul ties are an even deeper level of connection. They're like energy cord attachments on steroids. These ties bind your souls in a way that goes beyond the physical and emotional realms. They're often formed through intimate relationships, and they can be incredibly strong.

Imagine two trees growing side by side for years. Their roots intertwine, creating a bond that's challenging to break. Similarly, soul ties connect two individuals on a profound level. This connection can influence your thoughts, emotions, and even your actions, as well as your reality including your finances and how you live day-by-day.

The Divine Connection in the Womb

From the moment of conception, we are connected to our mother in a deeply spiritual way. In the womb, an energy cord attachment forms between the mother and the developing child throught the umbilical cord. This cord serves as a lifeline, nurturing the growing baby and facilitating the exchange of essential life force energy. It's a connection that transcends the physical and biological, tapping into the spiritual bond between mother and child.

Imagine this cord as the bridge between two souls, carrying not just nutrients and oxygen, but also the emotional and energetic imprints of the mother. As the baby grows, these imprints shape the child's early experiences and, in a sense, their spiritual path. This is why it is imperative that a mother have a peaceful and harmonize pregnancy because all that the mother experiences the child will feel and live.


Soul Contracts, Spiritual Lessons and  Karmic and Energetic Imprints

In the realm of spirituality, it is believed that we enter into soul contracts with individuals we encounter in our lives before we even enter earth we choose all the people in our lives to help up navigate through the lessons we are to learn. These contracts are pre-arranged agreements on a soul level to engage with specific people for the purpose of learning and growth. Sometimes, these agreements lead to deep connections that manifest as energy cord attachments and soul ties.

Think of it as a classroom in the universe where you and the people you connect with are the students, and life's experiences are the lessons. Toxic relationships can be particularly challenging lessons, designed to push you beyond your comfort zone, helping you learn about boundaries, self-worth, and the power of self-love.

It is also believed that energy cord attachments and soul ties can carry karmic imprints. In essence, these imprints are like energetic tattoos of our past interactions in past lives or during this current lifetime as well. When you engage in toxic relationships, especially those that are deeply ingrained in your life story, you may be perpetuating karmic cycles of negativity.

Attachments as Energetic Parasites

Toxic relationships, whether with partners, friends, family, or colleagues, are fertile grounds for energy cord attachments and soul ties to take root. Cord attachments can become akin to energetic parasites. These attachments feed off your life force, leaving you feeling depleted and drained. They may whisper toxic thoughts into your mind, creating self-doubt and insecurity. This can effect your love life, your finances, health, peace and even your home. 

Imagine an energy vampire that sucks away your vitality, leaving you weakened. Toxic relationships, especially if they've persisted for years, can turn into these emotional energy vampires, making it challenging to live a fulfilling life.

Holding You Back: The Weight of Attachments

These energy cords and soul ties, especially in the context of toxic relationships, can act as anchors that weigh you down in life. They can hinder your personal and spiritual growth in several ways:

Emotional Drain

Toxic attachments can continually drain your emotional energy, leaving you feeling exhausted, stressed, and anxious.

Repetition of Patterns

They often lead to the repetition of toxic relationship patterns in your life, making it challenging to break free from negativity.

Clouded Intuition

These attachments can cloud your intuition and judgment, making it difficult to make clear decisions. Essentially blocking off your third-eye and your connection to spiritual source. 

Limited Self-Expression

They may suppress your true self, preventing you from expressing your authentic feelings and desires.

Unhealed Wounds

Toxic attachments can prevent you from healing from past emotional wounds and traumas.


Recognizing Your Cord Attachments and Soul Ties

Energy cord attachments are like hidden strings that tie us to our past, affecting different aspects of our current lives such as love life to our health, finances, and inner peace, these connections play a significant role. Let's explore how these cords influence each of these areas.

Relationships and Love Life

Cord attachments and soul ties have a profound influence on our relationships and love life. These energetic connections can keep us emotionally tethered to past partners, making it hard to fully invest in new relationships. If you're carrying unresolved feelings or baggage from a previous relationship, it can affect your ability to trust and open up to someone new. Soul ties can also create powerful bonds with current or past partners, fostering deep emotional connections that make us feel like we are incapable of moving on. These attachments can also be the reason why after these relationships are over we continue to encounter the same type of toxic person over and over again.

Money and Finances

Our financial well-being can be significantly impacted by cord attachments and soul ties. Negative attachments can be like anchors, holding us back from financial success, making us afraid to take financial risks, or causing us to hold onto limiting beliefs about money. Cord attachments can be the reason why you are unable to prosper or move forward, why you are constantly feeling like you are being held back financially. 

Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health

Energy cord attachments and soul ties can also affect your overall health. Negative attachments can drain your energy, leaving you feeling fatigued and susceptible to physical ailments of all type. On the mental and emotional front, they can lead to stress, anxiety, and even contribute to issues like depression. It's essential to address these connections to maintain your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Spiritual Health

Your spiritual journey can also be impacted by cord attachments and soul ties. They can keep you connected to past spiritual experiences, mentors, or even unresolved issues from your past. Cord attachments can also hinder your current spiritual development and maybe the reason why it is hard for you to receive spiritual downloads, or interpret signs and messages. 


Even your living space can be influenced by these energetic ties. The energy of past residents or experiences can linger, affecting the atmosphere of your home. Your home may be prone to arguements, chaos, financial downfall, electrical issues, and many more negative energies. Its crucial to always spiritually cleanse your home.

Generational Inheritance

Cords tied to family may carry inherited financial beliefs, influencing your money mindset. Making sure you do ancestral spiritual cord releasing is important.

Energetic Leeches

Energy cords can act as energetic leeches, continously bring those type of people into your reality. Spiritually cleansing once in a while will also prevent this from occurring.

Overcoming Cord Attachments and Soul Ties

Breaking free from energy cord attachments and soul ties isn't just a suggestion; it's an essential step in your journey towards personal and spiritual liberation. Here's why...


Reclaiming Your Energy

By cutting these cords, you take back the energy that's been siphoned off, allowing you to regain your vitality and emotional strength.

Ending Karmic Patterns

By severing these attachments, you have the chance to end karmic patterns and cycles of negativity, creating a more positive and fulfilling future.

Reconnecting with Self

Removing soul ties allows you to reconnect with your authentic self, enabling you to express your true desires and feelings.

Accelerated Healing

As you release toxic attachments, you open the door to accelerated emotional and spiritual healing, allowing you to resolve past wounds and traumas.

Manifestation and Growth

By clearing your energy field, you create space for new and positive experiences, enhancing your ability to manifest your desires and continue your personal and spiritual growth.

Energetic Barriers

Attachments can lead to feelings of jealousy, insecurity, and fear, hindering harmonious connections. Clearing energetic barriers is not only healthy but preventitive security when it comes to other relationships in your life.

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4 Essential Steps to Healing Cord Attachment and Soul Ties

1. Acknowledge and Accept: Recognize the soul ties you have and the impact they've had on your life. Accepting their existence is the first step towards healing.
2. Emotional Release: Allow yourself to feel and process the emotions associated with these ties. Journaling, therapy, or talking to a trusted friend can be helpful.
3. Cord Cutting Rituals: Engage in cord-cutting rituals, whether through meditation, visualization, or with the assistance of a spiritual practitioner. These rituals can help you sever unhealthy soul ties.
4. Self-Care:
After detaching, focus on self-care. Nurture your own well-being, as this is crucial for healing and moving forward.

How To Get Rid of
Cord Attachments and Soul Ties

Cord Cutting Front

Cord Cutting Spiritual Bath is a cleansing and healing ritual performed by empaths to sever energetic cords or attachments formed with a narcissist during a spiritual attack. This practice involves immersing oneself in a bath infused with sacred herbs, essential oils, or salt to symbolically release negative energies, restore energetic balance, promote emotional healing, reclaim personal power, and establish boundaries. It serves as a means of purifying the energy field, fostering spiritual connection, and facilitating the process of healing and recovery from the effects of narcissistic spiritual attacks.


Home & Office Cleansing & Blessing Kit is a comprehensive set designed to purify and safeguard your living or work space. This kit is thoughtfully crafted to bring harmony, positivity, and spiritual protection into your home. It contains a powerful spiritual floor washe and spiritual wall wash to cleanse and remove stagnant energies, low entities and disharmony from your space, as well as a spiritual floor wash for blessings and bringing in harmony, abundance, peace and clarity into your space, plus a protection a potent house/office protection powder to spiritually lock your space.

Cord Cutting Ritual Front

Cord Cutting Service is a transformative practice employed by empaths to break free from the negative influence of a narcissistic spiritual attack. By intentionally severing energetic cords and attachments, empaths release the toxic ties, reclaim their personal power, and foster emotional healing. This ritual serves as a profound tool for restoring balance, setting boundaries, and empowering empaths on their journey of healing and recovery. The cord cutting ritual also supports emotional healing by providing a safe space for empaths to acknowledge, process, and release the emotional wounds inflicted during the attack. 



By understanding how energy cord attachments impact different areas of your life, you gain the power to address them. Cutting these cords and fostering healthier connections can lead to a more harmonious love life, improved health, financial abundance, and a profound sense of peace. Your journey toward self-liberation and empowerment begins with recognizing the impact of these cords and taking steps to release them.

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