Community Honey Jar Group Spell Service
Community Honey Jar Group Spell Service

Community Honey Jar Group Spell Service

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We are bringing back our Community Honey Jar Spells!

A Community Honey Jar Spell is a Group Ritual, meaning several people partake in the spell and this is why the price is lower than our Personal Jar Spell that are for one Individual.

The great thing about our Community Jar Spell is that we have a limit of 10 people per spell, jar unlike other who have up to 300, that should be of some relief to all that are interested since the jar will still be personalized to an extent since it’s few people joining and sufficient time will be dedicated and your petitioned will be worked and fed.

We create our Honey Jars depending on the intent with a multitude of Herbs, Resins, Powders, Crystals & many other items we wont disclose.

We work the Jar on a daily basis for a month and then we ritually dispose of it so it can continue to grow in area were it is sunny, fed and has room to be worked by the energy of the Earth as well as Solar/Moo Energy. We use this area to bury our personal work as well.


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