Home and Office Cleansing + Blessing Kit

Home and Office Cleansing + Blessing Kit

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Introducing our Home/Office Cleansing and Blessing Kit, a comprehensive set designed to purify and safeguard your living or work space. This kit is thoughtfully crafted to bring harmony, positivity, and spiritual protection into your home. It contains a powerful spiritual floor washe and spiritual wall wash to cleanse and remove stagnant energies, low entities and disharmony from your space, as well as a spiritual floor wash for blessings and bringing in harmony, abundance, peace and clarity into your space, plus a protection a potent house/office protection powder to spiritually lock your space.

This kit is carefully formulated blends of natural ingredients, such as herbs, essential oils, and cleansing agents. When used during the cleaning process, these washes infuse your floors with spiritual energy, removing negative vibrations and promoting a sense of tranquility and purity.

Similarly, the spiritual wall washes are specifically created to cleanse and bless your walls, transforming them into sacred spaces. These washes combine spiritually charged components to purify the environment, fostering a positive atmosphere and creating a welcoming energy throughout your home.

To fortify your living space further, our Home/Office Cleansing and Blessing Kit also provides a house protection powder. This powerful blend, when sprinkled strategically around your home, acts as a barrier against negative energies and unwanted influences. It serves as a shield, ensuring your household remains safeguarded and harmonious.

With our Home/Office Cleansing and Blessing Kit, you have all the necessary tools to cleanse, bless, and protect your home, creating an environment that nurtures your well-being and radiates positive energy. Utilize these spiritual products with intention and reverence, and may they bring you a renewed sense of harmony and tranquility within your sacred space.

* Kit comes with a 4-page instructional and it's safe to lightly sprinkle on carpet.

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