Conjure Consultation - (Rootwork Consultation) Pre-Spell Work Reading

Conjure Consultation - (Rootwork Consultation) Pre-Spell Work Reading

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Conjure/Rootwork Consultation, also known as a Pre-Spell Work Reading, serves as a preliminary discussion between us and individuals who are interested in either receiving our services or seeking guidance on performing a service themselves to address their specific situation.

* It's important to note that the Conjure Consultation does not incorporate divination techniques. Its primary objective is to engage in a thorough discussion regarding the specific situation or issue you are facing, and to determine the most appropriate services needed to progress forward.

Who should consider booking this consultation?

  • Individuals who are experienced in spell work and who have engaged in it multiple times.
  • Individuals seeking guidance on which metaphysical actions to take or what specific spiritual/metaphysical service to acquire.
  • Individuals who possess a clear understanding of their situation and are in need of guidance.
  • Individuals interested in performing their own spell work but prefer to avoid complex and time-consuming multi-layered spells. They seek a straightforward roadmap and guidance for executing their spell as physically effectively as possible.

* The consultation can be conducted through Email or WhatsApp Messenger. We offer consultations in this format to allow easy reference and review of the provided information. Please note that the consultation is a one-time session. After the consultation, you will receive either a comprehensive list of the services/products we can provide to address your needs or a detailed roadmap on how to proceed with resolving your specific issue.

Exclusively For This Service: If, upon reviewing your situation, we determine that this consultation is not suitable for your needs, you will have the option to upgrade to a different reading. In such cases, the cost of this initial consultation will be deducted from the price of the upgraded reading.

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