Hoodoo Oil Lamp Service (Personal Service)

Hoodoo Oil Lamp Service (Personal Service)

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A very long time ago Oil Lamps were used to light up homes & thus became a practice to use these lamps to conjure up spells. Oil Lamps pre-date what we k now as Candles today. An Oil Lamp is exactly like a candle but it is easier to dress and you have the ability to add more items making it a contained spell & on-going burn.

Your Personal Oil Lamp will be fixed Β personally for you as this is not a group ritual. The Oil Lamp will be fixed with a multitude of Herbs, Powders, Resin, Oil, Petition, Seals, Crystals & Many Other Items & Personal Concerns that match your desire intent/manifestation.

The Oil Lamp will be worked for the first night as a full ritual and then prayed over daily until fully consumed which takes 7-10 days since this is a 32-Ounce Oil Lamp.

** Not A Group Ritual This Is A Personal Spell **