Love & Attraction Oil

Love & Attraction Oil

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** Intention: Love & Attraction Oil is for those who wish to attract new/existing loving energy towards them for those that would like to attract and seduce.

We design all of our oils to incorporate the necessary properties to help you & your need. Your Conjure Oil is hand-blended & made only from the highest quality ingredients. Herbs & Essential oil. New Age Shop. Highest Quality.

Conjure Oils, Hoodoo Oils, Dressing Oils. Ritual Oils.
Our hand blended oils are made only from the highest quality herbs, resins and carrier oils. Whether your interest lies in Hoodoo, Voodoo, Conjure, Santeria, Wicca or Pagan divination, our oils have been carefully designed to incorporate the necessary magical properties to help you achieve all your desires in love, luck, money, success and happiness.

Our Conjure Oils can be used for candle magic, altar work, ancestor veneration, spells, rituals, manifestations and many more things.

** You will be receiving a LARGE SIZE OIL DROPPER BOTTLE 1 OZ/30 ML