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July  2023

Understanding Spiritual Attacks

Unveiling the Invisible Battle of Spiritual Warfare: Empower Your Spirit, Triumph Over Adversity 

In our journey through life, we often encounter obstacles and challenges that seem to emerge out of thin air, leaving us feeling perplexed, drained, and disheartened. While we may attribute these difficulties to external circumstances or mere coincidence, there is another realm at play—the realm of spiritual warfare. In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve deeply into the concept of spiritual attacks, seeking to shed light on this often misunderstood aspect of our human experience.

To truly understand spiritual attacks, we must grasp their essence. Spiritual attacks can be defined as intentional assaults on our inner being and our connection with the divine. Spiritual attacks are oftened refered to as spiritual warfare and it refers to the battle between good and evil forces. They originate from negative spiritual forces or entities, whose aim is to undermine our spiritual well-being, disrupt our mental and emotional state, and even affect our physical health. These attacks manifest in various ways, such as persistent negative thoughts, overwhelming emotions, unexplained physical ailments, strained relationships, or a sense of spiritual stagnation. Recognizing the signs and understanding the nature of spiritual attacks is crucial for finding effective ways to counter and overcome them.

History of Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare is a timeless concept present in numerous religious and philosophical traditions across the world. It represents an invisible battle between forces of good and evil, light and darkness, or positive and negative energies.

While the physical world may appear ordinary and predictable, the spiritual realm is a dynamic and intricate web of energies where these battles unfold. Understanding that we are engaged in a spiritual war empowers us to actively participate in the struggle for our well-being.

Causes of
Spiritual Attack

Spiritual attacks can be caused by many factors and are associated with the belief that there are unseen realms or forces that can influence and affect individuals in a spiritual or metaphysical sense. These attacks are typically perceived as intentional harm or interference inflicted upon a person's spiritual well-being, often resulting in various negative effects on their mental, emotional, or physical state.

Here are some commonly mentioned causes of spiritual attacks... 

Negative Energy or Entities

Spiritual attacks may occur due to the presence of negative energy or malevolent entities in the spiritual realm. These entities are thought to intentionally target individuals for various reasons, such as jealousy since they are dark spirits that live in limbo and still possess some human traits, revenge, or a desire to disrupt their spiritual growth.

Psychic Attacks

Psychic attacks refer to intentional or unintentional manipulation of energy or psychic abilities by other individuals. Some people possess the ability to direct negative energy, ill intentions, or harmful thoughts toward others, causing spiritual disturbances or harm.

Curses, Hexes & Jinxes

Curses, hexes or jinxes are usually deliberate actions taken by someone to inflict harm or misfortune on another person through the use of spiritual powers. These negative intentions and rituals can create a spiritual attack on the target. At time curses, hexes or jinxes can be unintentional gossip or when people speak on your name in a negative way can create these situations.

Opening Door Through Spiritual Practices

Engaging in certain spiritual practices, rituals, or experiments without proper knowledge or protection may unintentionally invite negative energies or entities into one's life. This can lead to spiritual attacks or disturbances. Engaging in spiritual practices excessively or without proper grounding and integration can create imbalances in one's energy field. These imbalances may make a person more susceptible to spiritual attacks.

Environmental Factors

Certain locations, such as places with a history of violence, trauma, or spiritual significance, are believed to carry residual negative energy. Being in such environments may make individuals more susceptible to spiritual attacks.


Narcissistic abuse can be considered a form of spiritual attack because it often targets and undermines a person's sense of self-worth, spirituality, and connection to their inner essence. Narcissistic abusers manipulate, control, and exploit others for their own gain, causing significant psychological, emotional, and sometimes even physical harm. In the context of spiritual well-being, narcissistic abuse can erode a person's self-esteem, confidence, and trust in themselves and others. The abuser may undermine the victim's spiritual beliefs, invalidate their experiences, or use spiritual concepts or practices to manipulate and control them. This can lead to a deep sense of spiritual disconnection, confusion, and even a loss of faith or belief in higher powers.Moreover, narcissistic abuse often involves gaslighting, which is a manipulative tactic used to distort the victim's perception of reality. Gaslighting can make the victim doubt their own spiritual experiences, intuition, or connection to divine guidance. It can leave them feeling isolated, trapped, and spiritually depleted. Overall, narcissistic abuse can have profound spiritual implications as it targets and disrupts the victim's sense of self, inner peace, and spiritual connection. Recognizing and addressing the spiritual impact of narcissistic abuse is crucial for healing and restoring one's spiritual well-being.

What Triggers
Spiritual Attacks?

Spiritual attacks can be triggered by a variety of factors. It is important to identify these causes and triggers to effectively protect ourselves and address them through spiritual discernment, prayer, and appropriate spiritual practices.

By gaining an understanding of what may attract or invite negative spiritual influences, we can take proactive measures to mitigate their impact.

Unresolved Trauma or Negative Emotions

Personal struggles, unresolved emotional issues, self-doubt, addictions, or trauma from the past can create vulnerabilities in a person's spiritual well-being. These unresolved issues may attract negative energy or make an individual more susceptible to spiritual attacks.

Negative Energy Patterns

Participating in harmful behaviors like gossip, jealousy, or resentment generates negative energy that may draw spiritual attacks. Similarly, when others engage in harsh gossip or speak negatively about someone, it can trigger vulnerability in the person being gossiped about, making them more susceptible to spiritual attacks.

Major Life Transitions

Significant life events such as divorce loss of a loved one or career changes can disrupt our spiritual equilibrium and attract negative energies.

Jealousy or Envy

It is believed that intense jealousy or envy directed towards an individual can attract negative energies or entities that seek to harm them spiritually. The success, happiness, or spiritual growth of a person may trigger negative emotions in others, leading to spiritual attacks.

Karmic Influences

Some belief systems attribute spiritual attacks to karmic influences from past actions or lifetimes. It is believed that negative actions or unresolved karma can manifest as spiritual attacks in the present life.

Ancestral or Generational Influences

In certain belief systems, spiritual attacks can be attributed to ancestral or generational influences. Negative energies or unresolved issues passed down through family lines may affect individuals and lead to spiritual disturbances.

Interference with Spiritual Growth

In certain belief systems, spiritual attacks can be attributed to ancestral or generational influences. Negative energies or unresolved issues passed down through family lines may affect individuals and lead to spiritual disturbances.

Breaking Spiritual or Energetic Boundaries

Certain locations, characterized by a history of violence, trauma, or spiritual significance, are thought to retain residual negative energy. Being present in these environments can potentially render individuals more vulnerable to spiritual attacks. Additionally, disrespecting, violating, or causing harm to a sacred space can leave an individual open to spiritual attacks.

Identifying Spiritual Attacks

Recognizing the signs of a spiritual attack is vital for responding effectively. These signs may vary from person to person, but common indicators include

Sudden and Intense Negative Emotions

Feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, fear, anger, or depression without apparent cause.

Unexplained Physical Ailments

Experiencing persistent or recurring physical symptoms, such as unexplained pain, fatigue, or digestive issues and doctors can't give you a clear answer.

Sensing Malovelent Prescene

Feeling watched, followed, or sensing the presence of negative entities in your surroundings.

Disruption in Relationships and Spiritual Growth

Experiencing strained relationships, conflicts, with everyone, partner, friends, family and colleaugues. A sense of spiritual stagnation and lack of progress.

Disturbing Dreams or Nightmares

Experiencing recurring nightmares or vivid dreams that leave you feeling drained or unsettled.

Sudden Increase in Negative Synchronicities

Noticing an influx of negative coincidences or synchronicities in your life, where events seem to align in a negative or unfavorable manner. This may include encountering consistently negative people, situations, or experiences.

Feeling Drained of Energy

Experiencing a persistent sense of fatigue, lethargy, or heaviness in your body and mind. It feels as though your energy is being constantly depleted, making even simple tasks challenging to accomplish.

Appearance of Dead Animals, Plants or Bug & Rodent Infestation

The presence of sudden dead animals, dying pets and plants, animals becoming aggressive towards you, or unexplained infestations by bugs or rodents.

Unusual Malfunctions

Encountering frequent unexplained malfunctions of electronic devices, things break around you, vehicles are damaged or accidents occur.

Inability to Pray or Meditate

Experiencing difficulty in engaging in prayer, meditation, or other spiritual practices. It feels as though there is an invisible barrier preventing you from connecting with your spiritual source or finding inner peace.

Impulsive or Destructive Behaviors

Engaging in impulsive or self-destructive behaviors that are out of character, such as excessive substance abuse, harmful relationships, self-harm, or reckless decision-making.

Loss of Spiritual Joy

Feeling a significant decrease in your sense of spiritual joy, enthusiasm, or connection. Activities that used to bring you spiritual fulfillment no longer do.

Strategies for Overcoming
Spiritual Attacks

Spiritual Baths

Spiritual Baths are considered a good strategy to overcome spiritual attacks due to their cleansing and purifying effects, offering energetic protection, incorporating ritual and intention, and promoting self-care and relaxation. These baths help individuals cleanse themselves of negative energies, create a protective barrier, strengthen their resolve through ritual, and foster emotional well-being. By immersing in a spiritual bath, individuals can address spiritual attacks holistically and restore their spiritual balance.


Spiritual Readings

Spiritual Readings serve as a beneficial strategy to overcome spiritual attacks for several reasons, since they provide individuals with valuable insight and guidance regarding the nature of the attack, its underlying causes, and potential solutions. This validation can be immensely comforting during times of spiritual attack, as it affirms their concerns and offers a sense of support. Additionally, spiritual readings create broader understanding can inspire resilience, foster a sense of purpose, and encourage individuals to explore alternative approaches to overcome the attack. 


Spiritual Services

Spiritual Services are a beneficial strategy to overcome spiritual attacks since they provide specialized guidance and support from trained practitioners, who can identify the nature of the attack and offer tailored remedies. The communal aspect of spiritual services creates a supportive environment, harnessing collective intention through prayers and rituals. Engaging in these services strengthens one's connection to faith or spirituality, instilling a sense of empowerment. Additionally, spiritual services incorporate healing practices that rebalance and restore the individual's energetic or spiritual well-being. 



Understanding spiritual attacks empowers us to navigate the invisible battle that often affects our lives. By recognizing the signs, understanding the nature and causes of these attacks, and implementing effective strategies to overcome them, we can take charge of our spiritual well-being and live a more empowered and balanced existence. Remember, even in the face of adversity, the light within us can prevail against the darkness that seeks to disrupt our journey. Stay vigilant, seek support, and trust in the power of your inner resilience as you navigate the realms of spiritual warfare.


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