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Aura Cleansing Spiritual Baths

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Discover the transformative power of Aura Baths!

Regularly purifying your aura and personal energy is a fundamental practice for maintaining well-being. As you interact with different people and environments, you inevitably absorb various energy vibrations, not all of which are positive. Your energy field constantly exchanges vibrations, including your thoughts and external influences, some of which may be low and detrimental if left unattended. Although your energy body naturally strives for harmony, negative energies can accumulate over time.

Embrace the benefits of our Aura Cleansing Baths, carefully tailored to your needs after purchasing. Each bath is meticulously prepared for you with prayers, herbs and moon magick to infuse and activate the cleansing process. Deeply relaxing, these baths effectively clear your aura of negative energy. Detailed instructions accompany each bath, ensuring you make the most of this purifying ritual.

Choose from a range of intentions for your Aura Baths:

  • Aura Cleanser: General aura cleansing to be used for everyday residual energy that lingers, Also great to use before performing any magick or ritual or after dark work
  • Attraction: Feel sexy and attract more attention, Great when used in correlation to attraction work and bringing lover back
  • Blockbuster: Unblock Chakra Points, Unblock your Manifestation Abilities, Great to use before any type of magick to clear your road to success
  • Love: Sweeten-up your Aura Attract Love, Great when used in correlation to Love Work
  • Money: Sweeten up your Finances, Attract Money, Abundance, Prosperity, Great when you are attempting to Manifest Money, Finances, Employment or Career
  • Protection: Bulk up your Auric Protection from Known and Unknown Psychic Attacks, Evil Eye, Negative Harmful Energies
  • Reconciliation: Great to boost your confidence and entice your honey back to you, great to use in correlation to long-term relationship reconciliation or marriage work
  • Reversing: Reverse Psychic Attacks, Reverse Bad Luck, Reverse Negativity Back to it's Source, Great in correlation to Reversal Magick
  • Success & Courage: Increase your success and boost your courage, Great for court cases, legal battles, job promotions, when looking for confidence
  • Uncrossing: Not to be confused with Unblocking/Blockbuster, Uncrossing is to Uncross Crossed Conditions generated from Bad Luck, Curses, Evil Eye, Hexes and Jinxes, Great to use in correlation with Uncrossing Work and Road Opening Work
  • Other (Custom): Tell us your intent and we can create a custom bath or request a bath ingredients you would like included in your prepared bath
    Please Note: Customized order might incur an additional cost depending on your request and the materials that will be used - If there was to be a cost you will be notified of the price before proceeding with the preparation.

Embrace the power of Aura Baths and experience the profound transformation they can bring to your spiritual journey.

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