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Manifesting Money Spiritual Coaching Workbook

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Embark on a transformative journey towards financial abundance with our Manifesting Money Spiritual Coaching Workbook, meticulously designed to empower every seeker of wealth, from ambitious businesswomen to aspiring entrepreneurs. Featuring 65 pages for you to customized your workbook to your unique desires, this comprehensive workbook ensures that you can tailor your manifestation experience to suit your individual needs and aspirations, leaving no stone unturned in your quest for prosperity.

Dive deep into the realm of your Money Mindset as you explore thought-provoking topics such as the profound impact of mindset on wealth and the transformative power of your words. Engage in self-reflection with carefully crafted journal prompts that foster awareness and facilitate the mapping of your journey towards abundance.

Unlock the secrets to Manifesting Financial Abundance with our comprehensive toolkit, including powerful exercises like the "I am a Money Magnet" affirmation and practical tips for manifesting wealth step by step. Stay organized and motivated with essential tools such as the Financial Goal Planner, Daily Planner, and Habit Tracker, ensuring that your path to abundance remains clear and focused.

Enter the realm of Money Magick and harness the energies of the universe with rituals aligned with lunar phases, chakra affirmations, and heartfelt letters to your future self and the universe. Embrace the art of recognizing money-making opportunities and learn to trust your intuition as you tune into financial signals and craft your vision board for manifesting success.

But the journey doesn't end there. Our workbook empowers you to share your unique value with the world, understanding that wealth is a natural byproduct of value creation. Discover your strengths, hone your skills, and identify your expertise as you build towards financial success.

Included in this comprehensive workbook:

1. Money Mindset

  • Is Your Mindset Blocking?
  • The Impact of Mindset on Wealth
  • The Power Your Words Hold
  • Recognizing That Abundance Is A State of Mind
  • How to Develop Abundance Awareness
  • Mapping Life's Transformation
  • Abundance Mindset Journal Prompts

2. Manifesting Financial Abundance

  • I am a Money Magnet Exercise
  • Tips to Manifest Financial Abundance Step-by-Step
  • Gratitude Journaling Prompts
  • Financial Goal Planner
  • Weekly To-Do List
  • Daily Planner
  • Money Habit Tracker

3. Money Magick

  • Choosing the Perfect Time for Manifestation
  • New Moon Manifestation Ritual
  • Full Moon Money Manifestation Ritual
  • Money Affirmation Aligned with Chakra Energies
  • Letter to Future Me
  • Letter to the Universe

4. Recognizing Money-Making Opportunities

  • Trusting Your Intuition
  • Money Opportunity Journal Prompts
  • Importance of Being Receptive to Financial Signals
  • Tuning Into Financial Signals
  • Identify key categories of financial signals you want to track

5. Vision Boards

  • Why they are important?
  • Crafting Your Vision Board Step-by-Step
  • 3 Vision Board Layouts
  • Create Manifesting Check
  • 3 Manifesting Checks

6. Sharing your Value

  • Wealth as a Byproduct of Value Creation
  • The Catalyst for Growth
  • How to Add Value to your Strengths, Skills and Expertises
  • Building Financial Success Through Your Unique Qualities
  • Strength Ideas
  • Personal Skills Ideas
  • Identify your expertise
  • Discover your unique Abilities


7. Daily Money Affirmation Cards 

  • Empowering affirmations to reinforce your mindset and attract wealth into your life.

Unlock the abundance that awaits you today with our Manifesting Money Spiritual Coaching Workbook. Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your relationship with money and manifest the wealth you deserve. Start your journey now and let the magic of manifestation guide you towards a life of abundance and fulfillment.

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